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Be strong and courageous!

Moses, God’s servant, was dead. Leadership of God’s people now passed to Joshua. He would lead these people out of their 40-years of wilderness wandering, across the Jordan River, and into the Promised Land God prepared for them long ago.

God personally commissioned Joshua to this great and honorable responsibility. At this strategic moment in a powerful consecration challenge (Josh. 1: 6-9), God three times repeated one vital imperative: “Be strong and courageous”. Joshua must remain “strong and courageous” to lead these people into the fulness of what God prepared for them.

To accomplish this, it was vital that Joshua stay absorbed in the Word of God. So saturated with the Word that it governed his actions, thoughts and words. That it influenced his entire life.

And he must stay courageous, moving forward by faith. Never allowing himself to be hindered by fear. God personally assured him that He would be with him wherever he went. By his grace, supplying everything that Joshua would need to fulfill the tasks before him. And that, as long as he obeyed, he would prosper wherever he went. The Lord promised, “I will not fail you nor forsake you.”

We are called, also, to walk in strength and courage. Fully supplied by God; to fulfill the plan of God for our lives; to complete the works He planned for us in advance; and receive the blessings He prepared. And most importantly, to glorify the Lord on this earth.

Timely words in days like these. “Be strong and courageous!” Move forward in faith, and by the grace that He Himself supplies.

---Beverly Nickles

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