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Immeasurably more power

Paul prays for immeasurably more of God’s great power, already made available to us, to be understood and experienced in our lives. (Ephesians 1: 15-23)

Paul loved the Ephesian Christians and always prayed for them, since he heard of their great faith and love in Jesus. He desired for them to share more in the blessings and promises God made available to them. Paul’s prayer extends equally to us.

First, he asked the Father to give each one the “spirit of wisdom and revelation” to know God more and personally. There’s so much more to know and experience in relationship with Him that it exceeds our possibility to measure it. Only God’s Spirit can reveal to us Jesus’s limitlessness potential.

The Bible provides knowledge about Him, but we must take that to God in prayer and meditate on it to understand what it means in our lives. He prays that “the eyes of our heart be enlightened”, so the knowledge gained influences our decisions and how we carry out our lives.

Further, twe understand the hope we have in Jesus. And that this hope results in joy and peace in this life no matter the circumstances. And removes the fear of death knowing that our inheritance is sealed in Heaven.

Second, Paul desires that we experience “immeasurably more of God’s great power” working in us. That resurrection power that God exerted when He raised Christ from the dead and seated Him at His right hand at His heavenly throne. That we rise above a low-level existence, allowing God to exert His power through us in greater measure.

Seated now at the Father’s right hand, Jesus sits far above all rule and power and every name named. His power far exceeds any of the “gods” or powers on this earth and in the realms around and above us. All things were placed under His feet.

When we receive Christ, His great power becomes available to us. Unfortunately, often it remains in us as untapped potential. We fail to understand the potential God place inside us.

Take time to meditate on these truths. Of who our God is. And that His mighty power is at work in us and for us. Immeasurably more of His great power to experience than we will ever realize.

---Beverly Nickles

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