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Jesus called us “salt” and “light”

In these chaotic times, Jesus’ words to his first disciples pack great significance. Potentially, we can exert strong influence in the lost and dying world around us as “salt” and “light”.

Jesus’ profound “Sermon on the Mount” (Mt. 5 ff) begins with the “Beatitudes,” which list the attributes of a righteous citizen of God’s kingdom. This righteous life reflects: dependence on God; willing submission to his authority; desire for God’s righteousness; mercy to those in misery and difficulty; internal purity according to God’s standards; and effort to reconcile those in conflict. And living out this life provokes persecution from others living in rebellion.

The one who lives this way by God’s power reflects a true disciple’s character and makes a difference in the world around him. He exercises extraordinary influence as “salt” and “light”.

As salt, he exerts a preserving influence slowing decay and corruption. This salty presence serves to hold back judgement allowing more opportunity for preaching the gospel. More opportunity for souls to be saved.

As light, his testimony of good works points to the King and His Kingdom. Light exposes the false and invites into the right. Consistently shining forth the light of Christ’s presence helps others to see Jesus in you and to believe the gospel. This glorifies our Heavenly Father.

As our world rapidly descends into darkness and corruption, this powerful influence of Christ’s presence is needed more desperately. In this atmosphere, this salt tastes saltier; and this light beams brighter.

Allowing Christ to live through us, we can be the true disciples He called us to be.

Reflecting Jesus Christ in a dark world.

---Beverly Nickles

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