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Jesus said, I am the Vine, you are the branches

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Jesus said, “I AM the True Vine, you are the branches.”

Jesus used the vine-and-branches symbol to help the disciples understand the vital connection they must maintain with Him to accomplish Father’s purposes on the earth.

After saying His last words to the disciples before facing the Cross, Jesus stood and said, “Arise, let us go hence.” But the disciples hesitated. Fear and distress shown on their faces. Jesus calmed them by explaining that, though physically separated, they still would and must maintain a close connection with Him. Doing this required obeying His Word; and receiving supernatural power from the Holy Spirit to complete the work.

This vital connection would be characterized by oneness, unity and fruit bearing.

Oneness: Christ and his disciples together form one whole, and neither is complete without the other. The vine stem flows life-giving sap to the branches; the branches produce fruit expressing God’s life and love.

Unity: The vine and branches are united, requiring both to be cut to the core and vitally joined together. Through this union, the Holy Spirit gradually makes disciples more and more like Christ; exchanging their beliefs, thoughts, feeling and goals with His own.

Fruit bearing: Bearing fruit is the expected result of this dynamic union. According to God’s purpose, righteous living and increasing acts of goodness and love flow from disciples who remain in the Vine.

--- Beverly Nickles

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