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Jesus: sending another like me

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Last Gathering

Jesus, knowing he would be arrested and crucified only hours from now, gathered his 12 disciples one last time. Stunned and confused by the news that he was leaving them, Jesus pressed home vital truths his beloved disciples would need to carry on without him. His final words to them are recorded only in John’s gospel, chapters 14 – 17.

Below is the in a fourth short series of teachings Jesus shared during their Last Gathering. (John 14)

Jesus: sending another like me

Jesus comforts his disciples telling them he would send them another helper just like him.

Shocked by the unexpected news of his soon departure, Jesus compassionately calms his disciples. They are afraid and distressed. What would happen to them now? Jesus has stuck closer than a brother and cared for their every need. What about the promised Messianic Kingdom? They held high hopes of occupying within it an honorable position.

Jesus promises to send another helper, an advocate, to come alongside them and to live inside their souls. Another helper exactly like Jesus, infinitely more capable than they themselves, who can help with anything they need at any level. And this new relationship will be far better for them because he will live inside of them at all times into eternity.

Jesus promised now to send the Holy Spirit to them after he left.. He said, “I will ask the Father, and he will send you another helper.” With the sealing of the Spirit, these disciples and all who would come after them, could remain in the presence of the Triune God for the rest of eternity. He promised a personal, individual and binding relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of Truth declares and reveals God’s Truth, teaches Truth, illuminates Truth, and leads into all Truth Jesus true disciples. But those with unregenerate hearts lacking the Spirit and fixed on the things of this world cannot receive Truth, for it is spiritually discerned.

In heaven, the highest goal is fulfilled. God’s gift now of his Holy Spirit remains but a down payment on our heavenly inheritance. Then we will live eternally in the full presence of the Triune God.

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