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Jesus --- the Way, the Truth and the Life

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Last Gathering

Jesus, knowing he would be arrested and crucified only hours from now, gathered his 12 disciples one last time. Stunned and confused by the news that he was leaving them, Jesus pressed home vital truths his beloved disciples would need to carry on without him. His final words to them are recorded only in John’s gospel, chapter 14 – 17.

Below is the third in a short series of teachings Jesus’ shared during their Last Gathering. (John 14)

Jesus --- the Way, the Truth and the Life

Jesus announced with a burst of triumph that the hour of his glory drew near. Jesus’ victory over death on the Cross would be the high point of his glory. And as He is glorified, the Father is glorified with him.

Jesus announced a new commandment, “…That you love one another, as I have loved you…” This love commandment itself wasn’t new, but Jesus was calling his disciples to a higher, more sacrificial love. A love that lays down its life for the other. And this high form of love would reveal to nonbelievers that they are outside of the faith.

He begins to comfort his distressed disciples by telling of the place he’s going to and the goal of going there.

Jesus was returning home to his Father’s house in heaven. And his Father was theirs, also. He was going to prepare a place for them in heaven, “…that were I am, there you may be also.”

Jesus would prepare his disciples a place, and soon make the way to get them there through his resurrection from the dead. He said, “You know where I’m going, and you know the way.”

Thomas, still thinking in human terms, asked, “Lord, we don’t know where you’re going. How can we know the way?”

Jesus uses this opportunity to more fully instruct his disciples concerning himself. But he reverses the order of Thomas’ question, stressing first the “way”, and then the destination.

Jesus said, “I am the Way.” Jesus is the only way to eternal salvation. The only perfect way acceptable to God the Father to pay our sin debt. He is the only mediator between God and man for eternal salvation.

Jesus said, “I am…the Truth.” Christ is absolute Truth because he is the perfect self-revelation of God the Father. He embodied and taught all that men need to know and believe about God; what we should do as his children; and who we should be.

Jesus said, “I am…the Life.” He is the author and giver of life: natural, spiritual and eternal. He always was --- and always will be --- the only way to truly live. And the only way to never die, but live forever.

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