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Truly This Is the Son of God

The Lord impressed me to share with you from Isaiah 53. The message revealed in this

Before we ponder it, I urge you take a minute now to read this profound portion of God’s Word. Written here is the clearest explanation found in the Bible of Jesus’ sacrificial suffering and death. It is the “first gospel”, looking profoundly into the depths of the Cross. Isaiah 53

Written by the prophet Isaiah, whose name means “The Lord is Salvation”, it prophesied in amazing detail 700 years in advance the atoning sacrifice of Christ. Leading into this, God speaks (Is. 52:13 – 15) about the coming of his slave. Then Israel proclaims their “great confession” in that future day in which they finally understand that Jesus is the Promised Messiah (Is. 53:1-11a). Then God speaks again confirming that everything Israel said in their confession is true (Is. 53: 11 b -12).

First, we read of our Lord’s eternal relationship with the Father. His exalted state from before time began; and the eternal glory to which he returned. Down through his incarnation, rejection, humiliation and execution. Up through his resurrection and ascension back to the Father and continuous intercession at the Father’s right hand. And, finally, his glorious return to establish his everlasting Kingdom.

This reveals the Servant of Jehovah, humiliated and mutilated and disfigured, almost beyond recognition. Calvary’s Cross described in amazing detail.

Compelling testimonies by the prophets, angels, apostles, Jesus himself and the Father himself, declared him the Son of God. Few believed. His own people, who he came to save first, consciously rejected him. They found him contemptible, and too pathetic to be their ruler. Furthermore, they thought they didn’t need a Savior.

This passage points to that epic moment in the future when Israel looking back sees their Messiah. They admit, “we didn’t believe it.” But here they finally see. And God confirms their confession.

Truly this is the Son of God, the promised Messiah.

----Beverly Nickles

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