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Trusting Jesus in the darkness

You may be feeling isolated or forgotten, as David did. David felt isolated from God Himself. He wrote about it in Psalm 13.

“How long will you forget me, Lord? Forever? How long will you hide your face from me?”

Sometimes we feel like God forgot about us. Otherwise, how could we be in a situation like this? But our Heavenly Father never stops thinking about us. He cannot forget us.

A subdued David focused on his problems and they grew in his mind, as they usually do. He allowed the enemy’s derision to drown out his awareness of God’s loving hand working in his life

Then David gave voice to his concerns. He cried out to the Lord in prayer. God lightened David’s eyes; He changed his perspective on events. Prayer got him to that place.

God is in control and makes decisions about out lives. Resolve this in your heart. Maybe he won’t change your situation. The storm may continue to rage. But He will change how we view it. God is still God in the darkness or the light.

The unsaved world watches how we respond in a trial. How we cope with something hard to accept. It’s an opportunity to testify about God’s grace. Only in the next life will the storms be stilled.

As David, we can proclaim, “I trust in your steadfast love.” And choose to rejoice in it.

--- Beverly Nickles

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