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Blessed are the poor in spirit (Mt.5:3)


Jesus said,

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs in the kingdom of heaven.”

(Mt. 5:3)

The one “poor in spirit” possesses a humble soul that deeply senses its neediness before God. This soul is emptied of “self” and dead to its own fleshly desires. Humility is a key virtue in the Christian life which God highly values.

Jesus Christ profoundly humbled himself when he gave up Heaven’s glories and privileges to live on earth as a man. He demonstrated this heart attitude throughout His earthly life; then, ultimately, by submitting to the torture and shame of Calvary’s cross.

Humility positions a person in this life to receive the salvation Christ accomplished on that cross. Then to receive from the Lord spiritual excellence and all spiritual supplies. The Holy Spirit fills the humble soul with righteousness, peace and joy.

Eventually, he will enjoy forever the full blessings of God’s heavenly kingdom.

---Beverly Nickles

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