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Jesus said, they will hate you, too

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Last Gathering

Jesus, knowing he would be arrested and crucified only hours from now, gathered his 12 disciples one last time. Stunned and confused by the news that he was leaving them, Jesus pressed home vital truths his beloved disciples would need to carry on without him. His final words to them are recorded only in John’s gospel, chapters 13 – 17.

Below is the sixth in a short series of teachings Jesus shared during their Last Gathering. (John 15)

Jesus said, they will hate you, too

Mixed in to the love and lengthy list of promises he lavished on his disciples, Jesus warned them of dangerous times ahead. Jesus said, they hated me, and they will hate you, too.

Events that followed demonstrated the truth of Jesus’ words. Going out in Jesus’ name brought down on his beloved disciples regular abuse with various ones stoned, beaten, imprisoned and even murdered. All the original 12 disciples eventually were martyred, except for John who was boiled in oil and exiled on the Island of Patmos.

This was the beginning of a long history of abuse, punishment and sometimes death of Jesus’ followers down through the centuries. Statistics show that persecution against Christians has accelerated and even gained momentum in our times.

Jesus gave three reasons. One, the Father lifts true believers out of the evil world system and sets them apart. The righteousness and Truth they now represent rebukes those who remain in the world system controlled by Satan and triggers hostility. Two, the world hated Jesus and so hates those who represent him. Three, unregenerate people really don’t know God, but hate him though they may be blind to that.

Old Testament verses prophesied Christ’s coming, rejection and crucifixion. A Messianic prophesy (Ps. 69:4) says, “they hated me without a cause.”

In their minds, the already distraught disciples probably questioned how they would survive. How could they fulfill their mission in the face of such hatred and persecution? Jesus told them. When the Helper comes, the Holy Spirit, he will provide the power needed to overcome.

The Holy Spirit provides all a believer needs to stand in the evil day. He has supplied to believers down through the ages everything the Father has to offer and still empowers believers today.

And in a hostile world, believers joined by the Father’s supernatural love, can cling to each other. Brethren, love one another.

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