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…whatever you ask…believe

Jesus put at our disposal the most powerful force in the universe --- the power of prayer. He said, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

In the Mark 11:20-26 passage, it’s the final week of Jesus’ life on earth. He’s acutely aware that in two days he will be crucified. His disciples, constantly at his side day and night for three years, will suddenly find themselves cut off from his physical presence.

Now he must drive home the understanding that their access to him will remain uninterrupted and continuous through prayer. Jesus and his disciples had lived in a tight-knit community where they depended upon him for everything. But in a few days, he would be removed from them physically. Prayer would become their vital link to reach him.

Jesus explains that his care and provision would remain completely available to them. All of heaven’s resources still would be at their disposal. But they must come to him in faith and “ask” in prayer.

Jesus says, “Have faith in God.” Believe his ability to solve the problem, no matter how impossible it appears. Power belongs to God, who is all powerful. And only a tiny amount of fragile faith can activate his power and change a believer’s life.

Whatever we ask he hears, and will answer any request consistent with who he is, his will and purpose. All things that you ask for in prayer you receive, if you believe and pray according to his will.

Then Jesus brings in one of the most important requirements in the Christian life. Forgiveness. Forgive anything you’re holding against anyone. God offers a choice: hold a grudge, or get your prayers answered.

Jesus extends to us an enormous, potentially life-changing promise: Whatever you ask, according to his will, purpose and plan, you will receive. And he urged us to pray without ceasing. So why do we pray so little?

---Beverly Nickles

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